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Collaboration with IPAF for MEWP


The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has agreed an official memorandum of understanding, committing to close co-operation with one of India’s leading occupational health & safety bodies, which was signed at the OSH India safety event in Mumbai on 29 November 2018. The signing of the MOU between IPAF and the Occupational Health, Safety & Sustainability Association of India (OHSSAI) makes history, being the first of its kind in India, where IPAF has several member companies delivering IPAF-accredited training. The Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) industry is beginning to grow rapidly in India, creating huge demand for safety and technical advice, accredited operator and supervisor training and assistance developing and implementing safe-use regulations and best practice guidance in line with international standards.

Jason Woods, IPAF’s representative for India, comments: “The timing of the signing of this historic agreement is perfect and will afford members of OHSSAI specialist assistance from qualified and experience powered access professionals to develop industry knowledge about using this type of equipment and training the complete work force. Our joint strategy planning and implementation will start in early 2019.”

Tim Whiteman, CEO & MD of IPAF, adds: “It’s always helpful for IPAF to team up with major health & safety organisations, especially in a country so large as India, where the use of MEWPs is developing rapidly. We are pleased to receive this endorsement of IPAF’s MEWP and MCWP safety awareness and training programmes and look forward to jointly promoting our shared goals of raising safety standards and reducing workplace injuries and fatalities caused by falls from height.”

Following the OSH event in Mumbai, Avdesh Malaiya, Chairman, and Sunil Bhalerao, General Secretary of OHSSAI, have already benefitted from a two-day IPAF safety induction focused on managing MEWPs, with key topics covered from basic pre-use inspections to emergency rescue planning and including an excellent discussion around managing your safe working load.

Avdesh Malaiya comments: “MEWPs are meant for safe working at height and in India the use of MEWPs is just beginning to develop. India is on a strong development path; MEWP use is likely to grow steadily in India in future. However, if this equipment is not used safely, this can lead to incidents causing injury, loss of life and property.

“OHSSAI is looking to future requirements and feels that this is the right time when awareness about MEWP safety and training needs to be increased across all industries and agencies using this equipment. Signing this MOU with IPAF is our first major step towards achieving this vision. “Through this association between OHSSAI and IPAF, we look forward to getting support from IPAF, based on its decades of expertise around the globe, to assist in raising the awareness level about MEWPs among our member organisations. We are sure this historic association between OHSSAI and IPAF means we will jointly be in a better position to avoid accidents and save lives when conducting temporary work at height.”

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